Photos: Bryony Jackson

Photos: Bryony Jackson

Visible Hands (2016) is a temporary public artwork for Public Art Melbourne and Melbourne Festival. Through a process of embodied research, Gabrielle de Vietri and Will Foster discovered and developed the unspoken language used by traders at Melbourne's Vic Market. From everyday dealings to embedded cultural codes, hand gestures are used to direct, connect, communicate and play across the stalls of the marketplace.

Participants are invited to explore the contested past, present and future of the site in a hands-on self-guided tour.

Visible Hands was made with participation of: Rocco Tripodi – Market Juice, Ivano Guseli – Caricatures by Ivano, Leo Elias – the Engraver, Sharon Brooks – The Traditional Pasta Shop, Cathy Ford and Mick Foggie – Melbourne Poultry, Joanne Davis, Diana Stathis, Will from Rare earth Rock, Marshal and Franck from Rewine, John from QVM Mobile, Irene from Victoria Market Gifts, Bruce from Bruce Goose, Kris from Art and Groove, Leo and Mathew from Eggsperts, Cameron and Robyn fron Inner Essentials, Morris from ME Fashions, Kris from Orchard Mueslis, Callum from 3rd Generation, Carmel from Il Fruittivendolo, Lawrence from Andrew’s Bread, Linda from Sardes Quality Meats, Brendan from Swords Wines

Project assistants
Lauren Cruickshank, Kiah Pullens, Alejandra Díaz, Haydn Louis Allen, Liam David Denny
Rasha Tayeh, Lauren Cruickshank, Simon Massey di Vallazza, Brigid Hansen, Lachlan Anthony

Jenny Raff, Clare De Silva

Lucas Maddock, David the boxman

Bryony Jackson

Supported by City of Melbourne, presented as part of the Melbourne Festival