Reading List

This non-exhaustive, evolving reading list has been compiled in relation to the Art / Politics / Action Artist Intensive timetable. These articles are intended as reference or departure points for some of the ideas and practices that we will be looking at. Where possible we have provided a link to the article or a review if available.


Mel Evans, Artwash: Big Oil and the Arts, Pluto Press 2015
Liberate Tate, The Gift documentary, 2012

Amy Spiers, "Blindspots: The Unhappy Public in Public Art" in Civic Actions: Artists’ Practices Beyond the Museum, Museum of Contemporary Art, 2017
Anusha Kenny, Interview with Amy Spiers & Catherine Ryan, unMagazine, 2016

Graham Mathwin, Megan Cope's The Blaktism, November 2016

Alex Kelly (dir.), Queen of the Desert, ABC2, 2012
Alex Kelly, Art/Activism lecture, The Green Agenda, 2015

Kelly Doley, Interview with Karen Mirza, 2016
Kelly Doley, Assemblies for Alternative Futures, 2016

Interview with Gabrielle de Vietri & Nathan Gray I Can’t Work Like This: A Reader on Recent Boycotts and Contemporary Art, Joanna Warsza (ed.) Sternberg Press, 2016


Charmaine Green "Breaking My Country's Heart" in Issue 33:4, Mining: Gouging the CountryArtlink, December 2013

Marina Vishmidt, “Mimesis of the Hardened and Alienated”: Social Practice as Business Model, e-flux, 2013

Sara Ahmed, "Killjoy Manifesto" in Bad Feelings, Book Works, 2015

Gregory Sholette "Art Out of Joint: Artists’ Activism Before and After the Cultural Turn” in I Can’t Work Like This, Joanna Warsza (ed.) Sternberg Press, 2016

Carrie Lambert-Beatty, Twelve Miles Boundaries of New Art/Activism

Chin-tao Wu, Privatising CultureCorporate Art Intervention since the 1980s, Verso Books, 2003

Clare Land, Decolonizing Solidarity: Dilemmas and Directions for Supporters of Indigenous Struggles, Zed Books, 2015

Iain McIntyre, How to Make Trouble and Influence People, Breakdown Press, 2009

Andrew Boyd with Dave Oswald Mitchell (eds), "Case Studies" in Beautiful Trouble: A toolbox for Revolution, 2012

Not an Alternative, "Institutional Liberation" in e-flux, Journal #77 - November 2016

L'Internationale Online with Sarah Werkmeister (eds.), Ecologising Museums, 2016