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Parallel Universes, Tagine & The Sky at Night

Join us in the Yarra Valley for this event.

Modern science is increasingly telling us that there is more than one universe. There might be uncountable Earths repeated in the infinite space of cosmic inflation, or the higher-dimensional landscape of realities in superstring theory, or quantum possibilities in alternative timelines. We may live in a multiverse that we share not with aliens, but with our other selves. But what does it mean if these parallel universes exist? If every possibility is equally real, then do our choices matter? Physicist and radio host Chris Lassig will explain how the concept of parallel worlds is changing our view of science, and in an interactive experience you will follow the roads that diverge in the wood and see the differences they make.

Essentially a terracotta spaceship that we will fill with our garden vegetables, spices and put on a fire for a few hours. Served with rice or couscous. Vegan and gluten-free options.

There is a big sky out here in the Yarra Valley, away from the city lights. Prepare your exuberant selves for a date with the heavens above as Braeden Borg will take you on an astronomical journey through time and space. Experience brilliant Galaxies, gargantuan super-Clusters and gorgeous Nebulae hidden behind the veil of space itself. All of these wondrous objects will be located and described to a high degree of swoon that shall last for many clear nights to come. Braeden is a committee member and amateur astronomer at Mount Burnett Observatory.

This event will be weather dependent and a suitable replacement activity will be planned in case of inclement skies.

Join us.
3-10pm Saturday April 30 2016
$25 bookings essential, places limited

Limited overnight accommodation and camping spots available
Creche options for children available upon enquiry.