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On Play, Vocalisations & Toasties

Melbourne-based artist Lucas Maddock brings together this ludicrous trilogy as the first group in our guest-programmed series of 2016.

On Play

Play frustrates meaning. Play resists research. Play is errant. Play cannot be contained. Play transcends all disciplines. In this seminar, Helmut Munz, animator and PhD candidate at the Playable Media Lab at RMIT discusses the imaginary aspects of play, tracing a philosophical becoming from the physical to the metaphysical to the pataphysical.


Explore unexpected sounds, movements, and strange vocalisations with musician, conductor and collaborator, Dan Greig. One-time choir boy, Gypsy Cabaret act, funk duo and Brazilian band-member, and currently the conductor of the Carpark Choir, Greig brings his bag of tricks to A Centre for Everything, getting everyone, even the most unlikely, making noise.


Like Proteus, the god of elusive sea change, melted cheese has the quality of adaptability and mutability, and in folk lore, has often been associated with vivid, lucid and disturbing dreams. In this self-serve workshop, participants will play with infinite variations and forms of the cheese toastie, developing new (cheesy) culinary lexicons. (Vegan and gluten free options will be available)