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Solar circles, Crepe circles & Munari's circles


For our last event of 2015 we focus on circles of all sorts. Join us to study circles, eat circles and perform circles. With guest presenter Cobi Smith and guest chefs, Markus Lohmann and Sandra Huelsmann.


As the longest day of the year approaches we ask why events in our solar system do not feature prominently in our festive calendar any more. We honour many things with public holidays, but the day that the sun and the earth reach their parabolic peaks has faded into festive obsolescence. The solstice is no longer the subject of dances, no longer the reason to gather, no longer a source of mystery and wonder. Researcher and philosopher Cobi Smith will facilitate a re-investigation of the solstice: what it is, how it works, and make a case for it to become the real reason for the season.


Our favourite edible circle. Guest chefs, artist and curator Markus Lohmann and educator Sandra Huelsmann, will demonstrate the art form and serve up a variety of crêpes for the many. Sweet and savoury, vegetarian, vegan options.



Italian artist, designer, educator and inventor Bruno Munari wrote a book about circles in which he makes elegant observations of the world in which circles appear: in tree rings and soap bubbles, in ancient and modern architecture, in symbology across religions and in scientific and mathematical practices. In a performative reading, we explore the ubiquitous yet mysterious form as seen through Munari’s round eyes.

Join us.

Photography by Caitlin Littlewood

Earlier Event: October 26
Later Event: February 8
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