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New Games, Dumplings and Auslan


Led by actress and hairdresser Bethany Robinson, this introduction to Auslan will help first-time signers with the basics of understanding and being understood in the language of the Australian Deaf community. If we get through "hello" and "how are you", Bethany might even teach us some rude words.

Want to play Slaughter? Despite the name, Slaughter was a popular game among the radical New Games movement of the 1970s whose slogan was “play hard, play fair, nobody hurt.” Initiated by counter-culture pioneers in San Francisco, the movement was established in deliberate opposition to the politics of war and against a backdrop of dramatic social and economic change. Can we learn from it today or has it already been absorbed into the corporate team-building world and turned into something it was never meant to be? Let's see.

It's Chinese New Year and we know a guy called Joni who makes wicked dumplings. Serving and eating these will bring prosperity to all at A Centre for Everything, because dumplings are shaped like the golden ingots used during the Ming Dynasty for money. There will be vegetarian and pork ones. Joni might tell us how he makes them and let us fondle the dough. He has an inimitable sous-chef called Asha.