400 posters
Commissioned by Climarte

CLIMARTE commissioned eleven Australian artists to design posters that engage the community on climate change action, and convey the strength, optimism, and urgency we need to move to a clean, renewable energy future. During May 2016 hundreds of AO size posters will be printed and displayed on poster sites around Melbourne.

Hazelwood is Australia’s most pressing issue with regards to climate change. At Melbourne’s doorstep the most polluting power station in Australia – and the third most polluting in the world. Hazelwood contributes to 3% of Australia’s carbon emissions. In 2014 the open cut mine set fire, causing one of the worst environmental and public health disasters in Australian history. The plant and the methods it uses are archaic and dangerous, but surprisingly, not many people know about its existence. Maybe Hazelwood needs a face.

In order to have a credible climate change policy, Australia must replace coal-fired power stations, starting with Hazelwood, with clean, safe renewable energy.